Communicating with clients today is all about delivering messages across multiple channels that the customers would want to use.

The question is… Which channel of communication should you use? The channel preference should not be limited to a one-size-fits-all approaches. The best way to ensure that you are successful in reaching all of your clients is to take a multi-channel approach using multiple automated channels, including:

  • Automated email
  • SMS text message
  • Phone (self-service / auto-dialer)

“The channel, or medium, used to communicate a message affects how accurately the message will be received. Verbal, written, and nonverbal communications have different strengths and weaknesses.”

Granite State College | 12.6: Communication Channels


Give your customer the freedom to answer when, where and with whatever contact system they choose. Customers want to be able to do business everywhere, not just in the workplace.

They want to pay bills where they’re convenient . A multi-channel strategy makes it possible for customers to connect with a computer , tablet or traditional phone.

Convenience would increase the response rate and the collection of accounts receivable.

Time Saver

A multi-channel collection approach will minimize the amount of time your workers will spend on regular collection routine. Time saved will be spent on larger accounts.


A multi-channel approach to collections is a low-cost way to improve customer response, experience and collection. Customers who read and respond to your messages are most likely to pay their bills on time.

A multi-channel approach to collections can improve customer response and collection.

Automated accounts receivable and collection applications with multi-channel collaboration features are available from The Baker Group.

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