BakerTrac™ System

BakerTrac™ stands as the cornerstone of optimized cash flow solutions, exclusively designed by The Baker Group to empower businesses of all sizes.

What is BakerTrac™ System?

This trademarked system offers a three-step, custom-tailored approach, ensuring an immediate and sustainable increase in your cash flow.

According to US Bank, the overwhelming majority of small businesses, 82% to be exact, fail as a result of cash flow issues. That means the business had potentially achieved successful product-market fit, was growing and servicing customers, and then all of a sudden the company ran out of cash.

Cash Flow is vital to all business operations, now even more than ever, which is why Baker Group created our trademarked system BakerTrac™ System, a custom 3-Step solution that can help any company in any industry increase their cash flow almost immediately as well as indefinitely.

Baker Group’s BakerTrac™ System enables your company to have the necessary information to make intelligent decisions on jobs and shine a light on those that may not be a good fit for your company.

BakerTrac™ System is a revolutionary system, meticulously crafted to streamline and fortify your financial operations. This cutting-edge solution operates on a plug-and-play framework, seamlessly integrating into any company’s business model, and delivering tangible results that make a difference.

The Three-Step Custom Tailored Solution

Know Who You Are Doing Business With

Which is why we run business entity asset and liability reports that include past and current legal issues, liens and levies, as well as potential fraud or business license issues that the company you plan on, or are already doing business with, may have.

Secure your Receivables

Now, at Baker we understand that many industries have a specialized process for securing receivables and the second step is tailored for each client and industry. For instance, in construction, abatement, restoration, disaster response and almost all other property improvement sectors, depending on the type of property and the scope of work, a mechanics lien or bond claim is required by a certain date in order to retain lien or bond rights, which will typically create a liability to multiple owing parties, including general or prime contractors as well as property owners and even insurance carriers in some instances. In transportation, freight and shipping, depending on who the carrier contracted with and what the initial contract, as well as whether the contract was a bill of lading contract or a master hauling contract, many times the broker, or freight forwarder as well as the shipper or receiver may be liable to pay the debt. At Baker we understand that most industries are different and BakerTrac accounts for those differences and idiosyncrasies to try and ensure the receivable is secured.

Enforce Collection on the Outstanding Debt

Even though this is a single step in BakerTrac, Baker Group utilizes dozens of ways and employs hundreds of tools to satisfy the collections of outstanding receivables. Some of the ways include financial audit-based contingency collections all the way up to managing the account through litigation and judgment enforcement. Some of reasons that we are so effective at achieving such a high rate of recovery are because we have licensed Private Investigators on staff as well as in-house attorneys and we coordinate with local counsel or co-counsel when and where necessary to bring a valid account to conclusion. In addition, all personnel in the collections and recovery departments have a minimum of a decade of experience and are industry specific, and trained in the industries they service. For contingency collections Baker doesn’t earn their contingency fee until the money is collected so there is a vested interest in collection of any account we are working on. Baker does not charge hourly fees for collection accounts so there is an urgency to achieve the desired result in the most efficient manner possible for both Baker as well as the client. Another benefit of the third step in BakerTrac is that even if Baker Group’s client did not do the first two steps of BakerTrac the third portion can be initiated and followed through to conclusion.

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Contingency Collection

You will only pay us when the money is collected. Fees are based on several factors:

Age of

The older the account, the harder it is to collect.

Type of

Talk to us to find out about the types of accounts.

Quantity of accounts placed

More accounts placed with us means lower fees.

Average amount of the accounts

Depending on the average dollar amount of accounts placed.

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“Baker recovered over $1,000,000 on 38 accounts within 45 days of placing them for collections! I can’t say enough good things about them.”

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