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The Baker Group’s unwavering commitment to helping factoring companies acquire unpaid invoices is a testament to their expertise in debt collection


Designed specifically for factoring companies

Factoring companies are missing out on a large portion of potential revenue on clients that they turn down for funding and don’t even realize it.

Baker has the solution to the problem that factoring companies may not even realize they have as well as a way to recapture revenue and keep those business contacts that they worked so hard to cultivate.

Specifically for Factoring companies called BakerFac™

If you are a factoring company and you have clients who have outstanding receivables that you will not fund, you can refer that client to Baker Group for collections and you will indefinitely be associated as a referral partner for that client and make residual income on fees that we collect for them, for the lifetime of that client.

If that client has factoring needs that arise we will always refer that client back to you and your company for their factoring needs since you are our referral partner on that client.

We currently have referral partners making tens of thousands of dollars a month, every month, simply by referring qualified leads to Baker.

Most factoring companies simply tell a lead that they are sorry they can’t fund on their receivables because the portfolio doesn’t fit requirements or their receivables are too old and/or risky. These leads you are currently turning down are perfect leads to inform about Baker and then refer them to Baker. In turn, you will be tagged on that client and making referral fees as well as potentially secure that client as a future factoring client since Baker will refer them back to you when their factoring needs arise.

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“Baker recovered over $1,000,000 on 38 accounts within 45 days of placing them for collections! I can’t say enough good things about them.”

G. Anderson

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