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International Collections

Our international debt recovery services are designed to assist businesses in effectively managing and recovering outstanding debts across international borders.


Baker Group offers a robust suite of international debt recovery services aimed at assisting businesses in managing and recovering outstanding debts across borders.

Our expertise lies in navigating the complexities of international law and providing customized solutions to ensure successful debt recovery.

Our debt recovery services are designed to address the unique challenges of collecting debts internationally.

International Business Collections

Debt Recovery

· Customized debt recovery strategies
· Efficient and effective recovery of outstanding debts
· Collection of high-value and complex debts
· Post-judgment recovery and enforcement

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Asset Recovery

· Asset tracing and investigation
· Recovery of misappropriated or hidden assets
· Comprehensive asset search reports
· Recovery of assets in multiple jurisdictions

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Contract Review and Enforcement

· International contract drafting and review
· Enforcement of contractual obligations
· Risk assessment and mitigation strategies
· Legal compliance and regulatory advice

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Financial and Legal Analysis

· Detailed financial analysis and asset evaluation
· Expert legal opinions and analysis
· Due diligence for mergers, acquisitions, and investments
· Fraud detection and forensic investigations

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Litigation Support

· Expert witness services
· Pre-litigation strategy and consultation
· Support for arbitration and mediation proceedings
· Case management and legal research

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Advisory Services

· Strategic advisory for debt restructuring
· Financial risk management
· Compliance with international trade laws
· Consulting on international business transactions

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