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When you are not paid within contract terms and need to secure your invoices or subrogation claims, we help with the process and management of those crucial deadlines and documents that are required.

    In the trucking industry, subrogation claims can involve various scenarios, such as:

    Accidents caused by other motorists: If a truck driver is involved in an accident caused by another motorist’s negligence, the truck driver’s insurance company may pay for the damages. The insurance company can then pursue subrogation against the at-fault driver’s insurance company or directly against the driver to recover the amount paid.

    If a truck accident occurs due to a defective part or equipment, such as faulty brakes or tires, the insurance company may cover the damages. In such cases, the insurance company may pursue subrogation against the manufacturer or supplier of the defective product to recover the compensation it provided.

    Subrogation claims can also arise for property damage caused by third parties. For example, if a truck is parked at a loading dock and another vehicle collides with it, resulting in damages, the trucking company’s insurance company may pay for the repairs. Subsequently, the insurance company can pursue subrogation against the driver or owner of the vehicle responsible for the collision.

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