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Integrate RocketPlan into your workflow

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Integrate RocketPlan into your workflow

🚀 Eliminate manual data upload
🚀 Centralize project documentation
🚀 Increase your revenue
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Automate the delivery of field captured data into your current legacy system. Use your old document binder as a coffee table. Get all of the data, documents and photos from the jobsite centralized in one place online.

Revolutionizing Restoration Company Cashflow:

The Baker Group Teams Up with RocketPlan

In the dynamic world of restoration companies, effective cashflow management is often the linchpin of success. The strategic partnership between The Baker Group, a leading commercial debt collection agency, and RocketPlan, a trailblazing automation platform for insurance claims, is set to redefine cashflow dynamics for restoration businesses.

Here’s why this partnership is a game-changer for the cashflow success of restoration companies:

Restoration projects often rely on insurance claims to cover costs. RocketPlan’s automation tools simplify the claims process, ensuring that restoration companies can access the funds they need promptly. This means fewer delays and smoother cashflow.

The Baker Group brings its extensive experience in debt collection to the table. They can help restoration companies recover outstanding payments, boosting cashflow and financial stability.

Automation is at the heart of RocketPlan’s technology. By automating insurance claims and debt collection processes, restoration companies can reduce administrative overhead, saving time and money.

With faster insurance claims processing and debt recovery, restoration companies can achieve more predictable cashflow. This stability is crucial for planning and executing projects effectively.

The partnership also provides restoration companies with a valuable risk mitigation strategy. The Baker Group’s expertise in debt collection can help identify potential financial risks early, allowing companies to take proactive measures.

With the burden of administrative tasks lifted, restoration companies can focus on what they do best—providing exceptional restoration services to their clients. This ensures that clients receive top-notch service without interruptions due to financial constraints.

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The collaboration between The Baker Group and RocketPlan is all about empowering restoration companies to overcome financial hurdles and thrive in their industry. It combines debt collection proficiency with cutting-edge automation to create a financial ecosystem that ensures cashflow success.

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