Commercial Debt Collection: Phoenix, Arizona

Contingency-Based Collections in Phoenix, AZ

At The Baker Group, we understand the diverse challenges businesses face in Phoenix, Arizona, when it comes to collecting outstanding receivables across various industries. Leveraging our expertise and tailored strategies, we offer comprehensive solutions designed to meet the specific needs of major industries in the dynamic Phoenix metropolitan area.

The first step to getting paid is to make an action. Talk to us today. The longer you wait, the longer we’ll be able to collect. “The Time is Now”

Remember that effectively managing accounts receivable requires a balance between maintaining positive client relationships and ensuring timely payments. It’s essential to be persistent in following up on outstanding invoices while also being understanding and flexible when appropriate.

Industries we handle in Phoenix, AZ:

  1. Industry Knowledge:  Focusing on commercial debt collections for the construction industry typically possess in-depth knowledge of construction laws, lien rights, and industry-specific regulations. We understand the complexities of construction contracts and can navigate disputes or non-payment issues accordingly.
  2. Understanding of Construction Processes: We specialize in construction debt recovery comprehend the various stages of construction projects

We know how to connect and engage the oil & gas accounts receivables of both the service companies and natural mineral companies. We enforce lean rights to liquidate claims.

For over 10 years, Baker group has been collecting air, ground, ocean, Less-than-truckload shipping or less than load (LTL) transportation, TL, or PTL debts.

Although the telecoms industry has expanded considerably over the years, they also have gained substantial debt in this particular industry. Pressure in attracting subscribers has led to high operating costs for converging technologies, leading to rising industry write-offs.

Although the manufacturing industry can be very complex, it can be made easy to maximize income in this sector by aligning the debt portfolio with the right debt collection agency.

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    Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

    Contingency Collection

    You will only pay us when the money is collected. Fees are based on several factors:

    Age of

    The older the account, the harder it is to collect.

    Type of

    Talk to us to find out about the types of accounts.

    Quantity of accounts placed

    More accounts placed with us means lower fees.

    Average amount of the accounts

    Depending on the average dollar amount of accounts placed.

    Trust Baker Group

    Using Baker Group for situations which arise when clients default on loans, credit extensions, labor, materials or whatever situation occurred wherein you are owed money creates opportunity for you. Now, you can focus on your business growth and revenue stream while Baker does the heavy lifting in bringing in that cash you need and are rightly due.

    Increase debt recovery rate

    Almost every business in the country has encountered the challenges that occur due to cash flow issues created by past due receivables. At some point, enough is enough. You need to be paid what you are due so that you can focus on your business’ success and growth rather than using that time to chase down past due debt.


    Baker Group understands the value of keeping a client informed and unlike hourly attorneys that bill for every letter or phone call, we offer bi-weekly or monthly status reports.

    Depending upon the preference of the client, status reports can be provided electronically, or hard copies can be mailed.

    Chat support

    Talk to our live representative regarding updates to your accounts or any inquiries