Debt Recovery

· Customized debt recovery strategies
· Efficient and effective recovery of outstanding debts
· Collection of high-value and complex debts
· Post-judgment recovery and enforcement

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Asset Recovery

· Asset tracing and investigation
· Recovery of misappropriated or hidden assets
· Comprehensive asset search reports
· Recovery of assets in multiple jurisdictions

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Contract Review and Enforcement

· International contract drafting and review
· Enforcement of contractual obligations
· Risk assessment and mitigation strategies
· Legal compliance and regulatory advice

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Financial and Legal Analysis

· Detailed financial analysis and asset evaluation
· Expert legal opinions and analysis
· Due diligence for mergers, acquisitions, and investments
· Fraud detection and forensic investigations

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Litigation Support

· Expert witness services
· Pre-litigation strategy and consultation
· Support for arbitration and mediation proceedings
· Case management and legal research

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Advisory Services

· Strategic advisory for debt restructuring
· Financial risk management
· Compliance with international trade laws
· Consulting on international business transactions