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Here are debt collection in holidays blogs on how to recover debts around holidays so waiting for after holidays does not at all make it any easier, because it’s a company cashflow liability.

Holidays are rapidly approaching and that means that customers will be flooded with the deals and gift ideas they need for their families. For debt collectors, this time of year may be extremely difficult when seeking to recover past due bills and bad debt. On the one side, the debt is owed in the past and companies have the right to be paid. In the other hand, debt collectors must be sensitive to the financial challenges of the debtors they are targeting.

3 Tips on Commercial Collection this Christmas


First, you need to recognize what is happening. The holiday season is NOT like the rest of the year. An unholy trinity of dynamics come into play amidst all the cheer, generosity and brotherly love | Credits to Met Credit Blog   Many businesses have reduced employees in the months before and after Christmas, and there could be a general loss of efficiency and inspiration. To start on the right foot after the holidays, you need to start planning early. Many collection companies avoid making calls during the holiday season, so if the debt is [...]

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Can Debt Collectors still Call During the Holidays? – YES! and kind of No


You certainly don't want a debt collector to contact while you're at home, celebrating a holiday with friends and relatives. Good news is that protections are in place to prevent abusive and discriminatory debt recovery practices.   The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) states that a debt collector should not contact a borrower "at any unusual time or place or time or place known or known to be inconvenient for the consumer."   With this rule in mind, early mornings and late nights are not appropriate times of day for debt collectors to call. So will creditors call for [...]

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