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Covid-19 pandemic Related Blogs: The decline in the payment behavior of your clients can be part of the collateral damage incurred by the pandemic which will have a crippling ripple effect on the cash flow of your company. To minimize this risk, you will need to maximize accounts receivable and minimize bad debt losses as far as possible.

Here are blogs of best practices that should be adopted in terms of payment collections and accounts receivables management at the time of COVID-19.

3 Crucial Steps To Collecting Outstanding Receivables As States Are Starting To Reopen


As the United States passes over a year since a near national lockdown has lapsed, and as states and businesses start to reopen, many small, medium and large businesses are faced with a situation that has not happened in recent years: “How do we collect on our outstanding receivables while also not marring our crucial relationships with key clients.” Understanding three crucial steps to ensure you and your company’s success will help any business, large or small, navigate these situations. -Brandon Buteaux, Director at The Baker Group The Three Crucial Steps These steps work best when applied in chronological order, [...]

3 Crucial Steps To Collecting Outstanding Receivables As States Are Starting To Reopen2021-04-06T19:17:20+00:00

The New Normal Way to Collect Accounts Receivables


The coronavirus brought a dramatic and immediate shift in debt collection. Creditors also imposed payment freezes, negotiated on extended payment arrangements, as well as, in many cases, paused collection operations in their entirety.   Credits to CSA Research: "After taking temporary measures and expedients to continue operating during the pandemic, companies must now develop plans for what happens after COVID-19."   This pandemic resulted in a substantial decline in the accumulation of debts and the recovery of receivables and what's going to happen as we step from the "new normal". Inevitably, we'll see a big change back to debt collection [...]

The New Normal Way to Collect Accounts Receivables2020-12-29T21:05:40+00:00
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