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Client Relationship Building Blogs empowers you to think that it is normal for companies to concentrate their money on new business. However, new ventures do not necessarily mean new customers. Building and sustaining a good relationship with current clients will set you up for a repeat business. And even if customers don’t come back to you, they may be able to recommend you to peers. Consider the customer to decide what will be of benefit to them. The trick is to find an opportunity to reach above and beyond in a way that your clients can appreciate.

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Credits to: mikaelastafrace | Indemnity clauses - what they are, how they work and how to make them for you   It won't come as a surprise that it's super important that you have good agreements and documents in place when you serve your clients. This protects not just you and your company, but also protects the consumer and is a perfect place for consumers to expect stuff like payment terms, service delivery and repercussions for late or non-payment.   Add this: Should we need to send you to collections for non-payment, you are responsible for all reasonable [...]

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