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Read blogs that covers asset-based lending is the business of lending money through an arrangement that is backed by collateral. An asset-based loan or line of credit can be backed by inventory, accounts receivable, facilities or other properties held by the creditor. The asset-based lending market represents companies, not customers.

Asset Based Funding Vs. Traditional Bank Loans or Lending


Company owners have more than one option to get a loan a nd of the most conventional routes is to secure a loan based on the cash balance of the company. Banks appear to prefer these types of loans because they are dependent on the company's real sales production. Another alternative is to apply for an asset-based loan. Usually, these loans are based on other considerations other than cash flow and are not preferred by conventional banks. The main distinction between asset-based loans and conventional bank loan is: The conventional bank loan would first look at the cash balance and [...]

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Here’s A Great Alternative to Bank Loan


Asset-based lending is a perfect option for entities that have demands beyond the range of what conventional banks would provide. Whether it's more collateral, stronger leverages or more flexibility, an asset-based loan can meet the needs of each particular business. Asset-based lending offers a line of credit based on the eligibility of the company such as: credits to Fit Small Business | What is Asset-based Lending? Asset-based lending provides greater flexibility than other ways of borrowing or financing and is a swift and cost-effective way of obtaining capital. Unlike some forms of structured finance solutions, with asset-based lending, you do [...]

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