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Bring your account to litigation

Companies extend credit to vendors and oilfield service clients, only to find neither the client nor the vendor has paid the invoice. We know how to connect and engage the oil & gas accounts receivables of both the service companies and natural mineral companies. We enforce lean rights to liquidate claims.

Using a third-party debt collection service may also be a helpful technique for creditors trying to recover funds from delinquent customer accounts. In certain situations, companies turn to outsourcing as debt collection becomes too time-consuming. For certain creditors, this has proved to be a beneficial practice.

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Our large network of attorneys and private investigators

Baker Group Collections uses highly-skilled licensed private investigators in collection, liens, and the suit process. They will be able to provide an on site analysis of the debtor’s situation, verification of the debtor’s assets, and sometimes provide invaluable information in the collection process.

Our Code of Ethics lays out the basic rules under which we run our organization and perform our day-to-day business with our clients, consumers, suppliers and with each other. These standards extend to all lawyers, investigators, managers, collectors and staff of the Company.

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Getting your money back

We are proud of our extensive understanding in legal-based debt collection services through our sophisticated accounting management approach and our technologically integrated and compliance-focused management framework through our network of legal members located in all fifty states.

Obviously each case is different, for the most part when an invoice is less than 1 year from the date of service or purchase and the company is still operating we have an 85% success rate in recovering funds in the first 30 to 60 days.
We are a network of private investigators, collectors, and Attorneys that specialize in corporate debt recovery. We are not a letter writing service we actually go out in the field to recover money and or merchandise.
Yes , we collect all commercial debts from 30 days past due to 2 years in most states.
We hire experienced B2B collectors with a minimum of 10 years of experience and we’ve been operating for 10+ years.

We offer clients the ability to work with a servicer with comprehensive experience in handling accounts receivable from both a pre-legal recovery and litigation standpoint. Baker Group Collections  will diligently seek the processing of past due retail and commercial accounts receivables by offering automated tracking and in-house skip tracing features, along with national forwarding and network maintenance solutions.

We provide outstanding results by offering valuable resources to our customers while ensuring compliance with both state and federal regulations.

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Helping you get paid what you are owed

Your company may be running like a well-oiled machine, with you not only satisfying your customers, but also taking joy in moving above and beyond. And most consumers would appreciate the value of paying for your work—and paying for it in a timely manner. But even a customer that lets such invoices build up can be a proverbial monkey wrench in your company’s activities, forcing you to get assistance with your business collections. Thousands of dollars might be at stake—the funds you need to keep your doors open, meet payrolls, and pay your own suppliers down the road.

Let’s face it: no matter how passionate you are about your product or service, even though your company is a non-profit organization, it’s not a hobby. Being charged for delivering goods or services to others is the bottom line of why every company operates. In certain cases, the customers of whom the products or services are given are themselves such firms. As is the case in any contractual arrangement, circumstances are expected to occur where it becomes impossible for one entity to collect from another. The cause for non-payment varies and may vary from a disagreement about the quality of products delivered, or from issues with cash flow on the part of the indebted side.

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