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What is Contingency Collection?

In a nutshell,

Contingency collection is the terminology used when the collection firm collects the client’s debt and the charges are calculated on the agreed percentage of the amount collected.

You will only pay us when the money is collected.  A fixed fee percentage is set in advance and is usually based on the amount of the debt recovered or the age of the debt. The bottom line is that if no money is collected, no money is paid to us.

Fees range from are based on several factors:

  • Age of accounts
  • Type of accounts
  • Quantity of accounts placed
  • Average dollar amount of accounts placed

Whenever an account has been placed in our system, the Account Representative takes the responsibility of reaching out to the debtor to secure your money’s recovery. Using the newest technologies and legal strategies, we have set higher expectations for recovery. Our services provide a range of network and resources designed to find, communicate, protect and track payments.


It’s a win-win situation!

A part of Baker Group’s  way to collect your money is to pursue the debtor with e-mails, calls, negotiation and even legal actions.  Depending on the nature of your account, a combination of these tactics will be put to use. We offer english and spanish speaking consultants.

No le pagaron por un trabajo hecho? Hay consultores que hablan inglés y español

We offer a unique accounts receivable monitoring system that caters to our clients. We are, highly competent and diplomatic. We recognize that collecting money requires thorough knowledge of the commercial collection business, along with the opportunity to convince the debtors to pay. We’re offering great rates and fantastic results combined with the fact that all of our collectors are veterans in the industry with more than 15 years of experience.

With over 15 years in operation!

  • No Collection, No Fee!
  • Online Access to claims anytime
  • Free FINAL NOTICE forms
  • 10-day free demand service
  • Pre-collection services
  • Nationwide coverage
  • International Coverage
  • Attorney forwarding
  • Over 20 years in business!
  • Professional Skip-tracing
  • BBB Accredited!
  • Fully licensed & bonded

Why choose to work with Baker Group Collections?

Baker is a one-stop solution for your Credit and A/R department, saving you time and effort when determining who to give credit to, when and how to secure your debt, and remedies to recover your debt.

We can pursue a debt as long as the statute of limitations will allow in that state or local jurisdiction.
The collections process is dynamic and involved and follows a myriad of potential workflows, however, all cases start with an initial 72 hour process that involves a full asset and liabilities investigation, an analysis of the claim and situation and then an initial contact attempt in a minimum of three different types of communication if the debtor is not responsive.
Once the case is active the client may be expected to provide more documentation or agree/disagree to settlement negotiations if there is an offer on the table.
We routinely collect money inside of a week, however, the standard in each industry that we work varies as well as the individual case specifics. A good rule of thumb for a disputed collection is a 60-90 day pre-litigation collection. If the case requires full legal packaging and suit then the time will depend on the local courts as well as the opposing side being open to negotiation during the legal process.
If Baker is unable to collect, or facilitate resolution on your account then you owe Baker no contingency fee. Baker only earns a contingency fee on accounts that produce money.

There can not be a guarantee on recovery because we do not know the exact specifics of the validity of the debt and/or the solvency of the entity that owes you the money. If you place a valid debt but the entity has already filed bankruptcy and has no assets then there is almost no recourse for recovery.

There are many instances and specifics that we do not and will not know until we get into the case specifics and start to work the account properly.

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Contact us for a free, no obligation assessment of your receivables management needs. We will discuss your particular situation in detail so that we may partner with you in tailoring the best approach to fully utilize our experience and resources to net you the best recovery in the shortest possible time. Debt portfolios can typically be segmented into three unique categories, all of which Baker has extensive experience, and unparalleled success with. We will customize our approach specific to your needs and expectations.


We’re taking a professional approach to recovering your money. This means:

  • We seek to obtain payment in an acceptable way, without damaging the relationship you have with your clients.
  • A brokered negotiation or a payment plan may be part of the collection process. This will be addressed in the terms of the clients.
  • Amicable debt collection procedures typically results in success and prevents costly lawsuits over debt recovery.
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